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Prior to opening this firm, Christopher K. Jafari acted as corporate counsel for a fortune 500 Company in Orange County. As a result, the C&K LAW GROUP brings together experience and a wealth of knowledge in business law, focusing on the transactions and ongoing operations of business enterprises.  

Our Business Transactions team concentrates on serving privately-owned business enterprises, their owners and affiliates:  

  •  form corporations, limited liability companies, and  partnerships;

  •  hire employees and independent contractors;

  •  purchase and sell businesses;

  •  merge with other businesses;

  •  sell equity to outside investors;

  •  enter joint ventures and work with strategic  partners;

  •  license, sell, acquire, and protect copyright, trademark, and  other intellectual property assets;

  •  resolve conflicts before they explode into lawsuits; and engage in  other activities relevant to their business.

  •  Business litigation

  •  Partnership dispute

  •  Board Structure and Advisory Work 

  •  Employment, Consulting and  Non-Compete Agreements

  •  Confidentiality Agreements

  •  Intellectual Property Protection (Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade  Secrets)

  •  International Transactions

  •  Leases

  •  Supplier and Vendor Agreements

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